you did not break me

kelsey | 23

i have a lot of feelings about fictional characters.

multi-fandom blog (heavy on les mis, the hunger games, marvel, and harry potter)

my askbox is always open if you need to talk. :)

my turning page | cosette & éponine

She sees her everyday, writes about her, dreams about her. If only Cosette could talk to her.


i. turning page - sleeping at last - every kiss is a cursive line, every touch is a redefined phrase
ii. pervigilo
- first aid kit - i want to be your good dreams, your bad dreams
iii. for you - tin sparrow - there’s not enough ink on this page, i hope you know the truth
iv. rustle of the stars - a silent film - drifting on cliffs with the rising snow and i hope it settles soon
v. wake me up - ed sheeran - but maybe i’m just in love when you wake me up
vi. echo - the hush sound - for history’s sake, will you please take notice?
vii. your rocky spine - great lake swimmers - your body was the map, i was lost in there
viii. be the song - foy vance - i won’t speak, i will refrain and be the song
ix. halcyon - the paper kites - you’re free, a love is coming home to me
x. dear true love - sleeping at last - i’m a writer without any words, i’m a story that nobody heard, when i’m without you.

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